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General Surgery and Surgical Care near Rochester, MN

Meadow View Veterinary Clinic can provide routine spay, neuter and other soft tissue surgeries. During all procedures, our well-trained Certified Veterinary Technicians (CVT) provide care protocols designed to optimize your pet's comfort and recovery. Because studies have shown that proper pain management before, during and after surgery results in improved healing and faster recovery, pets undergoing any surgical procedure at Meadow View receive a mild sedative with pain relieving properties prior to surgery, and an IV infusion of pain medications during the procedure and post-op recovery. The pet's vital signs (heart and breathing rates, body temperature, blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation) are monitored by our skilled CVT's, utilizing the latest in monitoring equipment. After the procedure, cold laser therapy is applied to the surgical incision to promote tissue healing and assist with pain management. Prior to your pet coming home after surgery, you will be given detailed instructions to help your pet with a smooth recovery period.


Stem Cell Therapy

stem cell processing
Meadow View Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer Stem Cell Therapy. The new technology uses Adipose (fat) tissue stem cells harvested from the patient and then applied back to the patient to treat ligament and tendon injuries, Osteoarthritis and other chronic inflammatory diseases.

Stem Cells are the body's repair cells. The Stem Cells are relocated to a troubled area and can divide and turn into healthy tissues such as skin, muscle, bone or cartilage. Adult Stem Cells are concentrated in fat tissue and are extracted in a procedure that is less invasive than a spay. Dr. Kelly will remove some tissue from your pet, process the sample and in a short time can administer the Stem Cells into your pet, directly into the blood stream or into the inflamed joint or trouble spot. For more information, please see the web page for Medivet-America and then contact Dr. Kelly today. Your pet could benefit from this non-invasive surgical procedure in a very short time.
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Orthopedic procedures


Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy

Dr. Kelly has been trained in two specialized procedures for repair of Cranial Cruciate Ligament injuries in dogs; the Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO). The TPLO procedure was developed by Dr. Barclay Slocum and is considered by many veterinarians to be the gold standard in cranial cruciate ligament repair. This major reconstructive surgery of the tibia actually eliminates the need for the ligament to stabilize the dog's knee by changing the biomechanics of the joint. Dr. Kelly is a certified provider of this procedure.

Tightrope Procedure

The Tightrope Procedure was developed by Dr. James Cook, and Dr. Kelly received his training in this technique from Dr. Cook. This new and innovative procedure replaces the cranial cruciate ligament with a braided fibertape that has a holding strength of nearly 1000 pounds. This procedure is less invasive than TPLO and preliminary studies show similar functional outcomes and rates of complication between the two procedures.

Fracture Repair

Dr. Kelly has trained to repair many fractures by using different plating techniques, interlocking nails, intramedullary pins, wires, screws and external fixators... Here is an example of a fractured Radius repaired with a Fixing Plate the uses conical coupling to stabilize the Radius and make it rigid.
Fracture Repair

Interlocking Nail

This is another method to repair fractures in the Humerus, Femur and Tibia. This method uses a nail placed in the intramedullary cavity and then the ends of the bones are secured twisting and compressing with screws placed through the bone and Interlocking Nail.
Interlocking Nail
If your dog has been diagnosed with a cranial cruciate ligament rupture, a consultation with Dr. Kelly can help you determine which surgical procedure is best for you and your dog.